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Solar Sonic

by Iniquity

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Written and produced by John Weiler and Paul Robles

Recorded by Paul Robles

Recorded in part by JJ Corirossi at Catalyst Studios

MIxed & mastered by Paul Robles

Executive Producers Steve Jimenez and Tony Dunn

Vocal appearances by Steve Jimenez (Beg For Life, Last Wish) and Jeff Yuma (Beg For Life, Beast Of Burden)

Album art by Shaun Marcus

John Weiler - Vocals
Jon Haines - Drums
Jake Haines - Bass
Mike LongHair - Guitar
Jeff Yuma - Guitar


released April 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Iniquity Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Violence Begat
False prophets. Wolves in fucking sheep skin, taking everything.
Servants of Injustice, you prey upon the weak.
But when you fall into my clutches, there's no mercy.
I'm sick of your fucking deceit.
What good in you, could let you see this through?
When your mouth deceives for the hands of thieves, there is no good in you.
Living disgrace for those that you intimidate.
But when you put my back against the wall, I will not hesitate.
I will stand for justice. I will defend the weak. I will uphold my honor in the face of endless suffering.
So if you want to take my life, be a man and pay the fucking price.
You won't break me so easily.
Because victory runs deep in me
Track Name: The Curse
Cursed since my birth, forced to rot on this fucking earth.
Bound by my veins to this fate I can't fucking change.
Wanting to die but I can't break the skin. Time passes by but my mind's wearing fucking thin.
I wanna end it all. I wanna slip the trigger. I wanna tie the rope and let it break my fall.
When I kick the chair, no one will shed a tear. It will confirm my fear, no one cares at all.
Indestructible. Born to be unbreakable. Cursed with this heart of steel. Plagued by all the pain I feel.

Track Name: The Cure
I am sick to my stomach, with a belly full of rage. Hate escapes my nostrils, with a pain my knuckles crave. Violence clouds my vision. It's a redness in my eyes. For traits in you that I despise.
Stuck in a rut, miserable as fuck.
Don't wanna hear your voice, don't care about your thoughts.
I see myself to be all I claim to be.
You! Speak for yourself and all the things that you do.
Quick to offer your voice, but never your hand, so this is where we stand.
I stay distant. I keep it short. Don't need your friendship if I know I'm not important.
Track Name: By The Sword
Brutal abuse, it's a tooth for a tooth.
We tighten our noose, as we search for the truth.
Cruelty runs rampant, tyranny's on the the loose.
To protect and to serve is not a fucking excuse.
You claim to be here for me, but I can't see the good in you.
Every day you fuck with me for doing what I've gotta do.
And I know you're listening, yet I still don't have a voice.
Because in the land of the free I still don't have a fucking choice.

Big brother behind the scenes, I know you hear me, behind your screens.
Try to take my freedom from me.
It'll always be in fucking vain.